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After an early morning start and long bus trip collecting passengers all over Melbourne, Bluey enjoyed a Christmas Function at Yarra Valley Picnic Races...




Ginger went on a Farm Stay, west of Melbourne.  After arriving via post, Ginger spent lots of time with two cute little friends and discussed World Issues with Gerard The Lamb.  During his stay Ginger adopted a footy team and enjoyed watching Geelong Cats send the Saints marching home.  Ginger then had a special courier ride and although a little squished when he arrived home, he was soon back to his cuddly self. Thanks Farm Family!  It seems that last time visited the Farm Family he had so much fun he decided he'd like to go back for a short stay.  Although Ginger enjoyed the animals (except when they tried to munch on him), was thrilled to be able to visit all the plants in the hothouse and had fun climbing piles of wood, his favourite thing by far was the Old Grey Fergie tractor.





Mulligan enjoyed a cuppa, met some dolls, relaxed with a new furry friend, helped with domestic duties and stopped to smell the freshias...Thanks Janet!





There is no doubt that at this stage, Albert is our greatest adventurer.  Thanks so much, Jessie!  Albert's Adventures include: Coffee with the ladies, On My Way (Lounging at Melbourne Airport), Hobart Adventure, Lions Club Meetings (formal and the more relaxed variety), A pub Birthday Gathering, Relaxing At Rosebud, Delivering Meals On Wheels, Get Me To The Church Cuppa Time with Dooza, Learning to Pole Dance, The Spiegeltent and an evening at the Local Theatre Company.






An outdoorsy type, Muffin was originally created as a gift for a little girl in Brisbane.  On 280908, Muffin travelled from Melbourne with Phil to start a new life.  We were very pleased to hear that Muffin arrived safely in Brisbane to be with Jorja and has already been adventuring in Mooloolooba.  Thanks Phil, Jane + Jorja, and sending Blessings with you, Muffin.


Prior to Muffin leaving Melbourne, time was spent with family and friends  celebrating a birthday at Luna Park, St Kilda.  During the 2008 AFL Finals Series, Muffin traveled by train to the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) to see Robert Harvey's last game...





Mulberry stayed with a family that lives not too far from the centre of Melbourne.  Mulberry visited Werribee Zoo and Queen Victoria Market, went walking/bike riding along the Maribyrnong River (and found lots of starfish), saw where they run the Melbourne Cup, went to swimming lessons, danced in the rain, spent nights in a specially made bed next to a new friend and featured in some extra special art!  Thanks Hart Koster Family! Some time later, after visiting Parkdale beach, Mulberry went on an adventure with Lampshade... and is now our first Darwin adventurer.  Mulberry also enjoyed a quick stay with Nikita!


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