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After enjoying dinner at a pub in Mornington, Rascal went home with the Rob Mob.  Rascal had fun with new friends including Tina, Doug, Tim, Nikita and Hamish (woof!), learnt to play guitar, sent emails and exercised.  At work, Rascal tried forklift driving but then needed first aid, a little oxygen and found he was better suited to light duties and relaxing with cup of coffee.  Thanks so much, Rob Mob!  Now an international traveller, Rascal recently left Melbourne for a new home in the UK with Vicki, (not too far from Pepperjack and Lizzy).








Found time to forward these pics whilst on a busy adventure...  Handover Day, watching the big screen in the cinema room, dance mat challenge, canoeing trip (helping out in compiling), in the recording studio, playing netball with the Aspendale Arrows Platinum team.


Indigo Wilde (aka Marzipan)


was a commission friend and we're pleased to have received a few updates from the new the McGarlic Household!  "Hanging around new home", "Hope Witchy goes west", "Having a word with Amber" and "Chilling out with Suntwo"...






Spent time visiting the Mansfield family!  Here are a couple of photos we've already received.  Previously, Harvey spent a little time in the garden with Titch and a friend.





has gone to live with Tiffy after exploring some roses.  We'd love to see some pics please Tiffy!




Titch was joined in September 2009 by over 99251 friends at the AFL Grand Final at the MCG.  This is probably the largest crowd a Nutter has ever experienced. Beginning the day with brunch at Southgate followed by a Water Taxi ride to the 'G, Titch was far too nervous for many pics before the game and a little too sad afterwards...

In case you're not aware, all Nutters have a soft spot for St Kilda Football Club, a team to be very proud of and who'll try harder next year...


Titch has been to watch other AFL games, just like his friend Muffin...and although the Nutters are St Kilda supporters, Titch enjoyed watching Collingwood just the same.   One of our more adventurous Nutters, Titch travelled to Italy (Milan) and Germany (Koln).  Unfortunately photos of this trip are rare, but we're still trying to track some down.  Titch has spent time at the beach and has been visiting the Strikemaster at Australian Jet Adventures!  He was fortunate enough to travel to Hong Kong to join a group of friends who had flown in from all over the world.  During his stay, Titch explored the Hollywood Hotel, Disneyland, Hong Kong and traveled across Tung Chung Bay via the Cable Car to Ngong Ping and the Tian Tan Buddha Statue.  You'll see just some of Titch's adventures and friends that he spent time with.  If you're observant and have noticed that Bubba Happy is also in a few of these photos, it's because he got to go too!  Titch is so teeny weeny that he's sometimes hard to spot.  Was seen celebrating in the Nursery Car Park at the 2008 Melbourne Cup!  And you may even find a a few pics of Titch on a brief Mornington Peninsula adventure...



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